My afternoon drink!

This is my new favorite way to enjoy warer!  Was introduced to the combination of throwing cucumber, lemon slices, and mint into water years ago as a weight loss drink.  Googled the combination this afternoon and was surprised at the numerous health benefits!  I can use all the anti-inflammatory, weight loss, digestive benefirs I can get!
Another favorite way to enjoy water is as water kefir!  I was turned on to this by Pure Living For Life.  If you've never tried their videos, you should!  They are really living the Discipliine of Self-Esteem- finding out what they can and can not do and finding the balance in life while building their dream home in the Idaho Panhandle.  One of their videos was introducing Jesse to water kefir- and I was so curious, I ordered some water kefir grains and been enjoying water kefir ever since- usually half and half with either tea or fruit juice.  Water kefir is full of probiotics which are great for digestion too!
Yesterday, I was inspired to try …

My journey so far

In December 2014, a friend told me that if I needed a walker, then I should not be ashamed to go out and get one.  I was getting there- 110 pounds overweight,  tricompartmental arthritis in both knees, bursitis in both hips and back pain so bad, I couldn’t stand for more than 15 minutes at a time.

I decided that before I went the walker route, I would use my Curves membership and work out religiously three times a week and see what happens.  Within two weeks, I could go down the stairs normally.  Optimistically, I decided to try walking and build up to doing a marathon in two years.  That didn’t happen- but I do have a new life walking as a way of life and encouraging others to do the same.
The first photo was my first race- just after meeting Lynn Gray and the Take the First Step Club.  I was encouraged to take her 8 week training class for the Miles for Moffit Race and the clubparticipation was incredible.  After the race, I joined the club and have walked 3 or more miles almost ev…

Thanksgiving Start Up

This year's Thanksgiving Menu

Turkey (thinking of Ree Drummond's Maple Whiskey Brined Turkey)
Cornbread Dressing
Mashed Potatoes
Skillet Cranberry Sauce
Green Bean Casserole (my recipe)
Pumpkin Bread (made from fresh pumpkin)
Homemade cultured butter (shaped into a turkey)
Pecan pie
Maple whipped cream

More than usual, my food is locally sourced

Leaf lard is homemade from leaf fat from Nature Delivered Farm
Turkey parts for gravy from Trailbale Farm
Pumpkin and locally sourced vegetables from Cheyenne's Country Thangs
Also from Cheyenne's we got the Mary's Organic Turkey and maple syrup ( not local)

Featured this year is a make ahead menu- and my crock pot is going non-stop!  This is to make things easier, so I'm not exhausted.

Make ahead schedule
Saturday: Make the Lard (will do a separate blog post on that)
Sunday: Cook the Pumpkin and make Turkey Broth
1) Make cornbread (must)
2) Start butter culture (must)
3) Make mashed potatoes
4) Make sauce for green b…

Mary Rose's Almond Crescents

The one recipe that family members want from me this time of year is my almond crescent recipe.  I remember Mom always looking for the recipe that most reminded her of Great-grandma Weber's recipe and when she tasted my cookies, she said she thinks that this is it.  I created this recipe from the  Heritage Cookbook's Nut Crescents supposedly of Bohemian origin.  I simply substituted almonds for walnuts and almond extract for vanilla extract.  I also upped the almond amount a bit.

1 cup butter
1/2 cup granulated sugar
 1 teaspoon vanilla
 2 cups flour
 1/2 cup of ground  almonds
 Powdered sugar

  Cream butter, sugar and almond extract.  Add in flour and ground almonds.  Using a heaping teaspoon of dough, shape into crescents.   Bake at 325 for 20 minutes.  Cookies should be golden brown.  When slightly cool but still warm, roll in a bowl of powdered sugar.

DOSE: The Origins of Mary Rose's Garden: My Name

Before birth my mother dedicated my life to Marie Rose Ferron, the original "Mary Rose".  As a small child in Woonsocket RI, she was asked by the bishop to pray that a heresy that was rampant in the diocese to be eliminated.  She prayed and it was gone.
At age 12, she was stricken with polio and was unable to move from the neck down.  About all that she could do from that point on, was to accept her sufferings with grace and dignity, and offer her prayers to the world, for the sake of her beloved Jesus.
He rewarded her with the gift of bearing the signs of his own suffering on earth- but while the suffering for the sake of the world was welcomed by this dear soul- the fame and attention that came with the suffering was not.  So she prayed to have the pain remain, but tha…

Preventing School Shootings With a Smile

After last week's tragic events, President Obama went on national TV and called for more gun control. While I'm not all that adverse to a little common sense made into law, the simple truth is that nothing he proposed would have prevented that shooter from owning the guns he used.  We have to go deeper to stop school shootings.  We have to work harder to keep people from despairing to the point of losing their souls.

 A school shooter is a loner- but there are a lot of loners in the world who wouldn't hurt a fly.  Research shows us that whether or not someone resorts to deviant behaviors such as addictions, mental illness, and crime can be predicted by combinations of risk and resiliency factors.  Getting rid of the risk factors is very hard- we don't have simple ways of ending poverty or preventing interpersonal violence or addictive behavior.  Resiliency is easy.  It is about building community, organizing activities for kids, planting gardens, playing sports for fun…

Working on My First Half Marathon

Wanted to do Lynn Gray's Take the First Step Running College this summer, but 
a) I'm not running b) couldn't find anyone to walk at my pace through the course c) hurt one knee and the other one was in pain too.
But I was stuck with needing to train for the Myakka River Half Marathon - which means build up my distance and get my speed up to a 20 minute mile over that distance.  Luckily I remembered that had a training plan for the Wine and Dine Half-Marathon, so I looked it up and discovered that if I followed it and added 14 days to the date on the schedule, then I would finish exactly on time!  Woo! Hoo!
In addition, by following the beginner regime, I now had a routine that I could manage with Claudia Dold, who was willing to be my walking partner but didn't have a lot of time during the week.  Best of all, here was a plan where I'd be taking it easy for a few weeks while my knees got back into shape- so we're trying it and we'll see how it g…